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Learning is no longer bound by the confines of the classroom. Global eTraining recognizes this and offers the flexibility of online training with features only found in classroom training. Save time, reduce costs, and increase productivity and retention rates by utilizing eTraining courses. Choose the most effective means of attaining a professional level of competence on the most popular topics: Autodesk, BIM, Microsoft Office, Leadership, Adobe, Solidworks, Bluebeam, Sketchup, and more. That’s learning smarter.

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The interactive learning template adapts to each person’s unique learning style, anchoring learning with action. The proven blend of multiple learning styles including text, audio, visual, video, interactivity, hands-on exercises, skills assessments, and help desk support means you learn faster, retain more and access the right information sooner.

With Global eTraining, you get:

  • Searchability – Access the right information immediately with advanced search across text, audio and video.
  • Instructor & Technical Help Desk Support – Send an instant ticket to our certified instructor help desk for real-time assistance.
  • Anywhere, Anytime, Any Device – Access your quick-loading, HTML5 courses on any device, 24/7.
  • Offline Mobile Access – Access GeT on the go, online or offline. We’re redefining accessibility.
  • Personalized Learning – Learn the way you learn best, whatever your learning style – visual, auditory, read/write or kinaesthetic. Follow a custom learning plan, based on your skills assessment results.
  • BIG Data Reporting – Set your ROI parameters and track your team’s training activity and skills application to real-world projects.

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About Global eTraining

Global eTrainingGlobal eTraining is a Canadian EduTech company with over 25 years of experience in developing and delivering exceptional computer-based learning. Their world-leading, technical training platform is home to thousands of hours of technical content, integrated with custom content developed directly by subject-matter experts through Generator. They are a strategic training partner to some of the world’s largest and most diverse multinational design, construction and software organizations, government bodies and Fortune 500 Companies, and the global leader in designing and developing training for the 21st Century. Learn skills faster. Retain knowledge longer. Apply to real-world projects better.