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Autodesk Revit Structure Advanced

Course Description

Course Length = 2 days

CPC PDH Credits = 14

This course is designed for experienced users of Revit Structure.

The Autodesk Revit Structure Advanced course introduces experienced users of the Autodesk® Revit® Structure software to more advanced techniques and concepts beyond what was learned in the Autodesk Revit Structure Essentials training guide. It is intended to broaden your knowledge and maximize your use of the Autodesk Revit Structure software. This course offers detailed information and practical exercises regarding creating families (tapered columns, precast slabs, tapered moment frame, and trusses), preparing the Autodesk Revit software analytical model for analysis and project sharing.

This course offers both imperial and metric hands-on exercises representing real-world design scenarios.

Training Objectives

  • Concepts and Techniques for working with Families
  • Creating Structural Families
  • Creating Trusses
  • Working with Structural Settings
  • Setting Up Analytical Views
  • Creating and Placing Loads for Structural Analysis
  • Project Team Collaboration working with Worksets

Course Outline

Family Concepts & Techniques

  • Introduction
  • Parametric Framework
  • Family Elements
  • Additional Tools for Families
  • Creating Family Types
  • Visibility Display Settings
  • Overview of Family Creation

Creating Custom Families

  • Slabs on Composite Metal Deck
  • Tapered Concrete Columns
  • Precast Hollow Core Slabs
  • Tapered Moment Frame

Creating Trusses

  • Truss Concepts & Techniques
  • Creating Truss Families
  • Using Trusses in Projects

Structural Analysis

  • Preparing Projects
  • Structural Settings
  • Viewing Analytical Models
  • Adjusting Analytical Models
  • Placing Loads

Project Team Collaboration

  • Worksets
  • Opening & Saving Workset-Related Projects
  • Working in Workset-Related Projects
  • Visibility and Display Options with Worksharing
  • Setting Up Worksets
  • Best Practices for Worksets


  • Students should be comfortable with the fundamentals of Autodesk Revit as taught in the Autodesk Revit Structure Essentials course. Knowledge of basic techniques is assumed, such as creating walls, roofs, and other objects, copying and moving objects, creating and working with views, etc.
  • Knowledge of Microsoft® Windows.

Course Cost

This 2-day course is $745 per person.

Course Dates

There are no dates scheduled for this course at this time. Please Contact Us to request a new course date or view our full course schedule for similar courses.


Note: The suggested course duration is a guideline. Course topics and duration may be modified by the instructor based upon the knowledge and skill level of the course participants.

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