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Revit Architecture Essentials

Course Description

The Autodesk® Revit® Architecture software is a powerful Building Information Modeling (BIM) program that works the way Architects think. From Preliminary Design through Design Development, and into Construction Documents, the program streamlines the design process with a central 3D model. Changes made in one view update across all views and on the printable sheets. This course is designed to teach you the Autodesk Revit functionality as you would work with it in the design process. You begin by learning about the user interface and the Autodesk Revit commands for design development followed by those available for construction documentation.

Since building projects themselves tend to be extremely complex, the Autodesk Revit Architecture software is also complex. The objective of the Autodesk Revit Architecture Essentials course is to enable students to create full 3D architectural project models and set them up in working drawings. This course focuses on basic tools that the majority of students need to work with the Autodesk Revit.

This course is designed for new users of Revit Architecture.

Course Outline

Day One

Getting Started

  • Building Information Modeling (BIM)
  • Common Terms

Using Autodesk Revit Architecture

  • Exploring the User Interface
  • Starting a Project

The Basics of the Building Model

  • Working with Levels and Grids
  • Getting Started with Walls
  • Working with Generic and Compound Walls
  • Adding Doors and Windows

Using Dimensions and Constraints

  • Placing Dimensions
  • Working with Constraints

Developing the Building Model

  • Creating Curtain Walls
  • Creating and Modifying Floors
  • Adding Ceilings
  • Working with Roofs
  • Working with Stairs and Railings
  • Creating and Managing Parts

Day Two

Using Building Components

  • Loading Component Families
  • Modifying Component Families Assemblies

Rooms and Areas

  • Using Rooms and Areas
  • Color Fills

Creating Schedules

  • Working with Basic Schedules
  • Working with Materials and Schedules
  • Controlling the Appearance of Schedules

Detailing and Drafting

  • Working with Section Views
  • Creating Callout Views
  • Annotations
  • Detailing
  • Working with Drafting Views
  • Locking and Annotating 3D Views
  • Managing Views in the Project Browser
  • Phasing and Design Options

Day Three

Presenting the Building Model

  • Working with 3D Views
  • Controlling Object Visibility
  • Working with Title Blocks
  • Getting Started with Rendering

Sharing the Model

  • Importing Content
  • Exporting Content
  • Printing
  • Working with Project Templates
  • Massing for Design and Analysis
  • Setting Up and Understanding Worksharing
  • Site Basics
  • Legends
  • Walkthroughs

Training Objectives

After completing this course, students will be able to:

  • Understand the purpose of Building Information Management (BIM) and how it is applied in Revit
  • Navigating the Revit Architecture workspace and interface
  • Working with the basic drawing and editing tools in Revit
  • Creating Levels and Grids as datum elements for the model
  • Creating a 3D building model with walls, curtain walls, windows, and doors
  • Adding floors and roofs to the building model
  • Creating component-based and custom stair
  • Detailing Reflected Ceiling Plans with ceilings and lighting fixtures
  • Adding component features, such as furniture and equipment
  • Setting up sheets for plotting with text, dimensions, details, tags, and schedules
  • Creating details


An understanding of Architectural terminology is an asset.

Course Dates

Note: The suggested course duration is a guideline. Course topics and duration may be modified by the instructor based upon the knowledge and skill level of the course participants.

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