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Autodesk Inventor Frame Generator

Course Description

Course Length = 1 day

CPC PDH Credits = 7

Anyone who takes part in the design process of frames should attend this class. Frame designs are one of the most complex processes in Inventor and firms often avoid using them, opting for extensive libraries of manually modeled parts and other workarounds. If designing frames is the “thorn in your side,” then you must attend this class.

This one of a kind course developed by AMS CAD +CAFM Solutions will teach students how to create parametric frames using the design accelerator tool in Autodesk Inventor. Using Autodesk Inventor Frame Generator, students will develop frame designs using the beam calculator, create Bill of Materials (BOM) by editing iProperties for frame members, and learn to modify frame orientation, relationships, offsets, and rotations.

The course also covers the use of end treatments such as miters, trims, and notching in conjunction with frame members. Students will create custom shapes for use with the Autodesk Inventor Frame Generator and learn frame analysis by running load simulation on frame designs.

Digital reference materials and sample exercises are included in the price of this course.

Training Objectives

The Objective of this class is to demonstrate the effective use of Autodesk Inventor Frame Generator. Upon completion of the course, students will be able to develop and modify custom frame member shapes. Also, students will be able to effectively simulate loads on frame designs while maintaining access to the native intelligence of the Autodesk Inventor Frame Generator tool.

Course Outline

  • Frame Generator – Introduction
    • Introduction to frame generator
    • Frame generator assemblies
    • Merging frame members
    • Beam calculator
  • Frame Generator – Editing
    • Working with frame members
    • Introduction to end treatments
    • Mitering members
    • Trim and extend
    • Notch
    • Lengthen and shorten
    • Editing frame members
    • Frame sub assemblies
  • Frame Generator – Custom Shape Authoring
    • Introduction – why custom shapes?
    • Best practice – creating a custom shape
    • iProperties and custom shape
    • Publishing a custom shape
  • Frame Design Validation
    • Beam Calculator – Introduction
    • Simulate with Frame Analysis – Introduction
    • Edit Frame Analysis Simulation


  • Familiarity with Autodesk Inventor and basic understanding of parametric modeling and properties. Understanding of Bill of Materials is a plus.
  • Knowledge of Microsoft® Windows.

Course Cost

This 1-day course is $445 per person.

Course Dates

There are no dates scheduled for this course at this time. Please Contact Us to request a new course date or view our full course schedule for similar courses.


Note: The suggested course duration is a guideline. Course topics and duration may be modified by the instructor based upon the knowledge and skill level of the course participants.

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