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Autodesk Inventor Advanced Assembly Modeling

Course Description

Course Length = 3 days

CPC PDH Credits = 21

Autodesk Inventor Advanced Assembly Modeling builds on the skills acquired in the Autodesk Inventor Essentials and Inventor Advanced Part Modeling courses to take students to a higher level of productivity when creating and working with assemblies in Inventor.

This course begins by discussing the concept of Top-Down Design for assembly creation. Planning the assembly using the top-down design approach helps create clean, reusable geometry that interacts as expected with the rest of the assembly. Throughout the course you will be taught how various Inventor tools can be used to achieve Top-Down Design practices in your assemblies using Derive, Multi-Body Design, and Layouts. Other advanced assembly topics include Positional and Level of Detail Representations (including substitute), iMates and iAssemblies, iLogic, Frame Generator, Design Accelerator, and file management and duplication techniques that aim to help you become more efficient when working with assemblies.

Accurately communicating a design to all levels of a design team is important. A chapter has been included on Inventor Studio to teach you how to render, produce, and animate realistic images.

Course Topics

  • Applying motion to existing assembly constraints using Drive Constraints or Motion and Transitional Constraints.
  • Introduction of the Top-Down Design technique for creating assemblies.
  • Inventor tools for Top-Down Design, including associative links, adaptive parts, multi-body design, layout design, derived components, and skeleton models.
  • Creating Positional Representations of an assembly to review motion, evaluate the position of assembly components, or document an assembly in a drawing.
  • Creating Level of Detail Representations to reduce the clutter of large assemblies. Also learn about Substitute Level of Detail Representations.
  • Design Accelerator to easily insert standard and customizable components.
  • Creating rendered realistic images and animations of parts and assemblies using  Inventor Studio and the Video Producer.
  • Using iMates, iAssemblies, and iLogic to work efficiently with assemblies.
  • Using the Frame Generator to create members in a structural frame work.
  • Using pattern, mirror, copy techniques to duplicate components in an assembly.
  • Working with weldments.
  • Link system parameters and custom parameters to an external spreadsheet file.


The class assumes a mastery of Inventor basics as taught in Autodesk Inventor Essentials. Inventor Advanced Part Modeling is recommended.

Course Cost

This 3-day course is $1045 per person.

Course Dates

Note: The suggested course duration is a guideline. Course topics and duration may be modified by the instructor based upon the knowledge and skill level of the course participants.

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