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AutoCAD Fundamentals

“A great hands-on learning experience with an experienced instructor and first class hospitality.”

Benjamin Black, Gemini Bakery Equipment / KB Systems

Course Description

Course Length = 3 days

AIA CES Credits = 21
CPC PDH Credits = 21

This course is designed for new users of AutoCAD or AutoCAD LT.

This course covers the essential core topics for working with AutoCAD. The teaching strategy is to start with a few basic tools that enable the student to create and edit a simple drawing, and then continue to develop those tools. More advanced tools are also introduced throughout the course. Not every command or option is covered, because the intent is to show the most essential tools and concepts.

Hands-on exercises throughout the course explore how to create 2D production drawings. The exercises are provided in both a printed format as well as an onscreen format that can be viewed next to AutoCAD.

Topics Include:

  • Understanding the AutoCAD workspace and user interface
  • Using basic drawing, editing, and viewing tools
  • Organizing drawing objects on layers
  • Inserting reusable symbols (blocks)
  • Preparing a layout to be plotted
  • Adding text, hatching, and dimensions

Training Objectives

The objective of AutoCAD/AutoCAD LT Fundamentals is to enable students to create a basic 2D drawing in AutoCAD. All topics, including features and commands, relate both to AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT unless specifically noted otherwise in the courseware.

Course Outline

Getting Started with AutoCAD

  • Starting AutoCAD
  • AutoCAD’s User Interface
  • Working with Commands
  • AutoCAD’s Cartesian Workspace
  • Opening an Existing Drawing File
  • Viewing Your Drawing
  • Saving Your Work

Basic Drawing & Editing Commands

  • Drawing Lines
  • Erasing Objects
  • Drawing Vertical and Horizontal Lines
  • Drawing Rectangles
  • Drawing Circles
  • Undo and Redo Actions

Projects – Creating a Simple Drawing

  • Create a Simple Drawing
  • Create Simple Shapes

Drawing Precision in AutoCAD

  • Using Running Object Snaps
  • Using Object Snap Overrides
  • Polar Tracking at Angles
  • Object Snap Tracking
  • Drawing with Snap and Grid (Optional)

Making Changes in Your Drawing

  • Selecting Objects for Editing
  • Moving Objects
  • Copying Objects
  • Rotating Objects
  • Scaling Objects
  • Mirroring Objects
  • Editing with Grips

Projects – Making Your Drawings More Precise

  • Schematic Project: Electronics Diagram
  • Architectural Project: Landscape
  • Mechanical Project (with Polar & Tracking)
  • Mechanical Project: Surge Protector
  • Mechanical Project: Satellite

Organizing Your Drawing with Layers

  • Creating New Drawings With Templates
  • What are Layers?
  • Layer States
  • Changing an Object’s Layer

Advanced Object Types

  • Drawing Arcs
  • Drawing Polylines
  • Editing Polylines
  • Drawing Polygons
  • Drawing Ellipses

Analyzing Model and Object Properties

  • Working with Object Properties
  • Measuring Objects

Projects – Drawing Organization & Information

  • Architectural Project
  • Mechanical Project
  • Civil Project

Advanced Editing Commands

  • Trimming and Extending Objects
  • Stretching Objects
  • Creating Fillets and Chamfers
  • Offsetting Objects
  • Creating Arrays of Objects

Inserting Blocks

  • What are Blocks?
  • Working with Dynamic Blocks
  • Inserting Blocks
  • Inserting Blocks using the Tool Palette
  • Inserting Blocks using the DesignCenter

Projects – Creating More Complex Objects

  • Mechanical Project 1 – Plate
  • Mechanical Project 2 – Gasket
  • Mechanical Project 3 – Plate
  • Mechanical Project 4 – Rocker Arm
  • Architectural Project 1 – Floor Plan
  • Architectural Project 2 – Floor Plan
  • Civil Project – Parking Lot

Setting Up a Layout

  • Working in Layouts
  • Creating Layouts
  • Creating Layout Viewports
  • Guidelines for Layouts

Printing Your Drawing

  • Printing Concepts
  • Printing Layouts
  • Print and Plot Settings

Projects – Preparing to Print

  • Mechanical Project
  • Architectural Project


  • Working with Annotations
  • Adding Text in a Drawing
  • Modifying Multiline Text
  • Formatting Multiline Text
  • Adding Notes with Leaders to Your Drawing
  • Creating Tables
  • Modifying Tables


  • Hatching
  • Editing Hatches

Adding Dimensions

  • Dimensioning Concepts
  • Adding Linear Dimensions
  • Adding Radial & Angular Dimensions
  • Editing Dimensions

Projects – Annotating Your Drawing

  • Mechanical Project
  • Architectural Project 1
  • Architectural Project 2
  • Civil Project


It is recommended that students have a working knowledge of:

  • Basic design/drafting procedures and terminology
  • Microsoft® Windows

Course Cost

This 3-day course is $1045 per person.

Course Dates

  • AutoCAD Fundamentals

    January 22 @ 9:00 am EST - January 24 @ 5:00 pm EST at AMS CAD Training & Development Center
  • AutoCAD Fundamentals

    February 19 @ 9:00 am EST - February 21 @ 5:00 pm EST at AMS CAD Training & Development Center
  • AutoCAD Fundamentals

    March 13 @ 9:00 am EST - March 15 @ 5:00 pm EST at AMS CAD Training & Development Center

Note: The suggested course duration is a guideline. Course topics and duration may be modified by the instructor based upon the knowledge and skill level of the course participants.

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