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AutoCAD Civil 3D Grading

Course Description

Course Length = 2 days

CPC PDH Credits = 14

The AutoCAD Civil 3D software supports a wide range of civil engineering tasks and creates intelligent relationships between objects. This interactive 2 day training guide is recommended for students that are required to create site grading plans using the AutoCAD Civil 3D software. This training guide is also ideal for managers that require a basic overview and understanding of this aspect of the AutoCAD Civil 3D software.

Students use feature lines and grading tools to create a commercial site containing a parking lot, building pad, pond, and simple sewage lagoon. An existing road has been included in the survey and a survey team collected the existing conditions. Students also work on a residential site to grade a small subdivision for proper grading of each lot.

Topics Include:

  • Introduction to Grading
  • Parcel Grading
  • Building Pad Design
  • Parking Lot Design
  • Pond Design
  • Lagoon Design
  • Combining Surfaces
  • Visualization of Grading

Course Outline

Day 1

Introduction to Grading

  • Overview
    • Parts of the Grading Object
    • Grading Workflow
  • Tools in AutoCAD Civil 3D
  • Settings and Defaults
  • Feature Line Styles
  • Grading Group Styles
  • Grading Criteria Sets
    • Grade to Distance
    • Grade to Elevation
    • Grade to Relative Elevation
    • Grade to Surface
    • Surface Styles
    • Sites Overview
  • Sites for Design Options
  • Creating Sites

Parcel Grading

  • Setting Parcel Line Elevations
    • Site Properties
    • Move/Copy Parcels to Another Site
    • Edit Elevations Panel
    • Edit Elevations Panel
  • Retaining Walls
  • Editing Surfaces
  • Feature Line Interactions With Parcel Lines

Building Pad Design

  • Feature Lines Overview
  • Create Feature Lines from Objects
  • Grading Creation Tools
    • Grading Groups
    • Grading Setup
    • Create Grading
    • Grading Infill
  • Editing the Grading
    • Delete Grading Objects
    • Modify Grading Object Criteria
  • Grading Volume Tools
    • Calculate Volumes
    • Balance Volume

Parking Lot Design

  • Draw Feature Lines
  • Create a Temporary Surface
  • Stepped Offsets
  • Copy or Move Feature Lines from One Site to Another
  • Create a Transitional Grading Group
  • Create a Grading Surface
  • Add Feature Lines to a Grading Surface

Pond Design

  • Feature Line Review
    • Feature Line Contextual Tab
  • Edit Elevations
  • Create Feature Lines From Corridors
  • Edit Geometry
  • Creating Complex Grading Groups
    • Grade to Elevation
    • Grade to Relative Elevation
    • Grade to Distance
    • Grade to Surface

Day 2

Lagoon Grading

  • Alignments
  • Profiles
  • Create Grading Assemblies
    • Link Subassemblies
    • Daylight Subassemblies
  • Creating Complex Corridors
    • Baselines
    • Regions
  • Modify Corridor Grading
    • Grip Editing
    • Modify Regions
    • Modify Corridor
    • Modify Corridor Section

Combining Surfaces

  • AutoCAD Civil 3D Projects
    • Single-Design Drawing Projects
    • Multiple Drawings Sharing Data using Shortcuts
    • Multiple Drawings Sharing Data with Autodesk Vault
  • Sharing Data
  • Data Shortcuts
    • Update Notification
    • Removing and Promoting Shortcuts
    • eTransmit Data References
    • Data Shortcut Workflow
    • Workflow Details
    • Advantages of Data Shortcuts
    • Limitations of Data Shortcut


  • Introduction to the 3D Modeling Workspace
    • 3D Ribbon Panels
  • Basic 3D Viewing Tools
    • Preset 3D Views
    • Orbiting in 3D
    • Using Visual Styles
  • 3D Navigation Tools
    • ViewCube
    • SteeringWheel
  • Working with Materials
      • Using the Materials Browser
      • Libraries
      • Adding Materials
      • Attaching Materials by Layer
      • Materials Editor
      • Texture Editor

    • Specifying Light Sources
      • Default Lighting
      • Sunlight
      • User-Defined Lights
      • Modifying Lights
    • Rendering Concepts
      • Adjusting the Exposure
      • Creating a Sense of Distance
      • Advanced Render Settings


  • AutoCAD Civil 3D Fundamentals
  • Knowledge of Microsoft® Windows

Course Cost

This 2-day course is $745 per person.

Course Dates

There are no dates scheduled for this course at this time. Please Contact Us to request a new course date or view our full course schedule for similar courses.


Note: The suggested course duration is a guideline. Course topics and duration may be modified by the instructor based upon the knowledge and skill level of the course participants.

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