Technical Support

SupportAMS Technical Support (free)

AMS CAD + CAFM Solutions offers complimentary technical support for one year from the date of purchase of any new software, subject to the terms and conditions listed below. Support will be provided by an Autodesk Certified AMS Application Engineer.

What defines “technical support”?

Technical support is defined as problems with the normal operation of your new software. This includes issues with installation of new Autodesk software and troubleshooting of non-responsive applications. This may also include issues with specific tools and other software functions that are not working properly. AMS Technical Support does not include issues arising from a lack of experience on the proper use of the product (i.e., “how-to” questions). Issues related to network or computer configuration are not covered by AMS complimentary support.

How is technical support accessed?

You may submit a technical support request via our contact form 24/7.

Alternatively, you may submit technical support requests via telephone (973.882.8008) during normal business hours (Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm EST).

Once your support request is received, we will respond as technical support personnel are available. Usually, first response is within 4 business hours. However, it may be longer during peak times.

Issues that require direct assistance by Autodesk will be forwarded to the appropriate support channel on your behalf.

How do I know if an issue is covered?

If you are unsure whether your issue is covered by our complimentary technical support, you may submit the technical support request and the Application Engineer will recommend the appropriate service. Please note, complimentary technical support is offered at the discretion of AMS and any request may be denied.