Autodesk Maintenance Plan Customers

Autodesk Account gives maintenance plan customers the ability to effectively track and manage all of your Autodesk product licenses, services, and user benefits through a single personalized portal.

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Log in to Autodesk Account using your existing Autodesk ID to easily:

  • Manage access and permissions by viewing licenses and granting access to software and benefits
  • Download entitled products and trials, including product updates and enhancements
  • Track usage of licenses, benefits and consumption to save costs and predict budgeting
  • Access help and support
  • Update your profile


Maintenance plan customers have access to the most recent version of their Autodesk software. To update software when a new version is released, you'll need to uninstall your current version, download and install your new software, and activate using your new serial number. Here's a step-by-step guide to get your new products up and running from Autodesk Account.

  1. Sign in to your Autodesk Account
    Sign in to your Autodesk Account to access and download your new software. Click on Management and select Products & Services to see your available software. See Autodesk Account Sign-In FAQ for more information.

  2. Download your Software
    Look for the software you wish to download on the Products & Services list and click the Download button to activate the default download method. You can click More actions to select a different download method.
    Note: Not all download methods may be available for every product. Here's a summary of the three software download methods:
    • Download Now—Assisted by Autodesk Download Manager (DLM), it provides faster downloads, a streamlined user experience, and useful controls to pause and resume the download if required.
    • Install Now—Uncompresses and installs software as it downloads using the Autodesk Download Manager. In many cases, the process automatically activates your software. Cannot be used for network deployment or installation on multiple computers.
    • Browser Download—Recommended for customers who cannot use or give internet access to file download utilities. This method uses your Web browsers download functionality and takes longer than other methods because the install files are larger and can be uncompressed only after the download is complete.
    See Download Methods for my Autodesk Account for more information. Note about Product Versions: Product versions are independent of one another and are not "add-ons" to previous releases. You'll need to download and install the full new product version.

  3. Install your Software
    See these solutions for tips on a successful install: Preparing your System for Installation Installation & Configuration Finding Serial Numbers & Product Keys

  4. Activate & Register your Product
    See the Activation & Registration customer service pages for more information.

Autodesk Customers can order boxed product media (DVD or USB) for their software by submitting a request.

Submitting a Request for Boxed Software (for all customers)

For Maintenance Plan Customers:

Maintenance plan customers have flexible licensing options that allow the use of eligible previous versions of Autodesk software.

Previous Version Eligibility

Downloading Previous Versions

Requesting a Previous Version

Maintenance plan customers have access to a secure website, Autodesk Account, where you can submit technical questions to Autodesk product support specialists through an interactive online interface. Questions are routed to Autodesk technicians who provide responses via email. The website also includes incident reporting and tracking tools to monitor the status of all questions asked by your organization, as well as all responses provided by Autodesk. Please be aware that not all products have this support. Support is delivered by Autodesk product support specialists. Autodesk’s worldwide Support Centers are staffed with technicians who have industry-leading expertise and years of experience supporting Autodesk products in real-world customer environments. Autodesk will respond to questions about Autodesk product installation, configuration, and troubleshooting only. Autodesk Product Support does not provide training, code de-bugging, consultation, customization, or support for third-party hardware, operating systems, networks, or peripherals. The Autodesk product support specialists field three types of questions:

  • Installation questions relate to product installation processes and options, system requirements, peripheral device setup, and FLEXlm® installation and network deployment.
  • Configuration questions relate to product performance tuning, security and administrative settings, file import and export types and variables, database connectivity, and interoperability with the O/S network and peripherals.
  • Troubleshooting questions relate to product behavior versus documentation specifications, error messages, file corruption dialogs, Autodesk product interoperability, and data migration between product releases.