Autodesk Software Support

Self-Help Resources – Your First Step

Autodesk provides a number of self-help resources online, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Start your search for support with these resources, which offer valuable product information, technical solutions to known issues, support tips and tricks, and other additional information.


Product Support Knowledge Network

The Autodesk Product Support Knowledge Network is an extensive library of technical solutions. Before contacting Autodesk Product Support, we strongly recommend that you search the online Network for solutions to the problem you need to resolve. Subscribe to product-specific Autodesk RSS feeds to receive alerts about new hotfixes, service packs, and technical solutions.


Product Documentation

A vast amount of technical and support documentation is available in the “Docs” folder that comes with each product. Before contacting product support, please be sure to check the documentation available. Many of Autodesk’s products now have documentation available online. Click here to see the products that have online documentation available.


Installation & Licensing

You can find help regarding installation, licensing, configuration, and setup of your Autodesk software on the Installation & Licensing support page.


Discussion Forums

Discuss issues and share best practices in one of Autodesk’s interactive peer-to-peer forums. This is the ideal, and expected resource, for providing support on ‘how-to’ questions and workflow-related issues. Autodesk Product Support monitors these forums and actively participates in the discussions.


Product Support Blogs

Autodesk blogs feature product-specific tips and tricks published by Product Support technical leads as well as other Autodesk product experts.


Contacting Autodesk Product Support
(Subscription Customers Only)

Subscription customers have access to a secure website, Autodesk Account, where you can submit technical questions to Autodesk product support specialists through an interactive online interface. Questions are routed to Autodesk technicians who provide responses via email. The website also includes incident reporting and tracking tools to monitor the status of all questions asked by your organization, as well as all responses provided by Autodesk. Please be aware that not all products have this support.

Support is delivered by Autodesk product support specialists. Autodesk’s worldwide Support Centers are staffed with technicians who have industry-leading expertise and years of experience supporting Autodesk products in real-world customer environments.

Autodesk will respond to questions about Autodesk product installation, configuration, and troubleshooting only. Autodesk Product Support does not provide training, code de-bugging, consultation, customization, or support for third-party hardware, operating systems, networks, or peripherals.

The Autodesk product support specialists field three types of questions:

  • Installation questions relate to product installation processes and options, system requirements, peripheral device setup, and FLEXlm® installation and network deployment.
  • Configuration questions relate to product performance tuning, security and administrative settings, file import and export types and variables, database connectivity, and interoperability with the O/S network and peripherals.
  • Troubleshooting questions relate to product behavior versus documentation specifications, error messages, file corruption dialogs, Autodesk product interoperability, and data migration between product releases.