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Knowledge Assessments

Our Knowledge Assessments are a valuable tool to measure the knowledge of corporate processes and employee skills. Through the knowledge assessments, we help to identify performance gaps between what the organization is currently doing and what it should be doing. The assessments highlight the gaps between what the employees in the organization currently know and what they should know to perform at the desired level. Based on the assessments, we develop a strategic plan to help develop knowledge management approaches and methods to close the gaps.

  • Process Assessment & Planning
    Our Solutions team specializes in developing efficiency strategies for our clients. By interviewing key staff, gathering data on your systems, software and corporate structure, we help you develop an optimized plan for every department and process within your firm. We look at communications, document management, technology infrastructure, as well as staff utilization and training needs within your firm. Then AMS CAD provides improvement plans based upon decades of practical experience in the AEC & Manufacturing industries.
  • Process Automation
    Profitability comes from efficiency and efficiency grows out of eliminating repetitive procedures. AMS CAD Solutions Engineers specialize in automating routine procedures, across all design industries, in order to minimize project time to completion and maximize profits for our clients. As a fully equipped and experienced technical consulting firm with a staff of full-time programmers, software specialists, and process experts, AMS CAD can eliminate the most time consuming tasks from your daily workflow.
  • Skills Assessment
    Assessing the technical skills of your staff with their current design software is a major stumbling block for firms looking to increase proficiency. AMS CAD is specifically structured for helping our clients verify their employees existing skill sets and determining which areas they need assistance and training in. Our Autodesk Certified Professional staff can help you determine the level of training and support needed for every Autodesk software package across the AEC & Manufacturing industries.

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