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CAD Management

With our CAD Management services, you receive better and faster methods for managing your corporate workloads. Better CAD Management helps you to keep projects on track and employees highly productive.

Benefits of CAD Management include:

  • Improvement of how team members utilize a shared pool of resources.
  • Having consistency in drawing formats, standards and naming conventions.
  • Organized database files for easy reference.
  • Optimized project design workflows enhance productivity among team members.

Services we offer to help you better manage your CAD software and process:

  • Workflow Assessment & Deployment
    We assess your organization’s goals as they relate to project completion and then review current workflows employed. We then look for any gaps and define the workflows that best fit your goals. Once the workflows are optimized for your needs, we present a final plan and deploy it to the organization to ensure that all employees understand the new workflows and how they relate to the success of future projects.

  • Design Optimization
    Design optimization involves finding the best design parameters that satisfy project requirements. We start by reviewing your organization’s current modeling procedures and techniques. We then find where gaps exist and optimize the design parameters. Once the design parameters are optimized for your needs, we present a final plan and deploy it to the design professionals within your organization.

  • Project Optimization
    Your organization’s optimal performance is based on being able to consistently meet your clients’ expectations by delivering quality projects within time and cost constraints while maximizing the efficiency and effectiveness of resources across multiple projects. We help you to identify gaps in your project delivery process and provide feedback on the best ways to deliver the final project to your clients, while maximizing time and revenue.

  • Design Automation
    We can help you automate the repetitive tasks that your design teams perform on a regular basis, whether it’s a single command that automates one function or a system that covers an entire process. With Design Automation , you can generate designs and the supporting documentation in a way that conforms to industry and company best practices, freeing up employees to work on more challenging solutions that cannot be automated.

  • Conversion from 2D to 3D Modeling Software
    Today’s design world is primarily focused on transforming ideas from concepts to realistic simulations to precise plans for production. If you haven’t made the leap to 3D modeling software, we can help ease your transition. With 3D modeling software, you can visualize and test designs under real-world conditions, all within a single, intelligent, and updatable 3D model. This enables you to explore complete projects before you incur the costs of creating prototypes or beginning construction.

  • CAD Standards Development
    We can help you create standard file-naming conventions, standard project directories and file structures to ensure your employees are producing consistent results across projects. For Inventor, we help set up and configure iFeatures and iParts.

  • CAD Styles Development
    We help you develop template files, title blocks and file properties so everything is electronically saved on a common data source. This ensures each team member has access to everything they need to for the project – from design to set up to completion.

  • Document Management
    An Electronic Document Management system allows your organization to centralize all your project information — both drawings and administrative files such as MS Word, Outlook,  and Excel documents – into a single database that ensures users are always working with the most current versions of your data. They also enable active collaboration, simplify administration, increase project delivery speeds and  give your firm complete control over who can access files and folders, as well as what they can and cannot do with them. Our staff has been involved in some of the largest EDM implementations in the country.

  • Revit Family Set Development
    Make sure your design team has the tools they need to produce consistent quality Revit 3D Models. We can help create, organize, maintain libraries of Revit families so that your employees are using standardized modeling components in their designs.

  • Inventor Style Library Development
    We help you set up standard style libraries for Inventor so that your drafting standards are consistent across all projects.

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