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Autodesk ReCap

Autodesk ReCapCapture and integrate reality data directly into your design process with Autodesk ReCap and Autodesk ReCap Pro reality capture software and services. Autodesk ReCap offers software services for 3D projects, seamlessly bridging the gap between laser scans or UAV photos and the broader Autodesk design portfolio.

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With ReCap, you can import, view, and convert point cloud data with the free base version. ReCap is available in most Autodesk suites or as a download, and offers 5 GB of cloud storage on A360 Drive.

To experience the increased speed and workflow capabilities for scan and photogrammetry projects, subscribe to ReCap Pro. Unlock automatic registration and stitching, advanced editing and measurement tools, scan-to-mesh data service, Fly features for UAV/drone photos, alignment of laser scan and photo-based projects, and collaborative tools—all with a simple, intuitive user interface and 100 GB of A360 cloud storage.

Why Choose ReCap Pro?

  • Speeds the design process
    Bring a 3D representation of current site conditions into design tools. This is especially important for those just getting started in BIM and moving from a 2D to 3D workflow. Starting a design within an 3D context provided by ReCap, this drastically reduces the barrier to adopting BIM.
  • Save time and reduce overhead
    Capture the site in one visit in an efficient and automated process. This replaces the tedious process of manually documenting the site using basic measuring devices and eliminates the need to return to the site multiple times to validate accuracy.
  • Easy to get started
    ReCap Pro has one click tools that automatically register / stitch and clean-up data, preparing it for use in Autodesk design tools.

New Features

  • Import CAD geometry
    Import 3D geometry to your ReCap point cloud file to compare design intent with actual progress throughout your project. Watch Video
  • Scan to mesh
    Convert your point cloud into a mesh with the scan-to-mesh service for use in other Autodesk design products. Watch Video
  • Combine UAV and laser scan data
    Design in context with expanded registration that combines unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) photo and 3D laser scanning data. Watch Video

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