Maximize your business potential with customized software financing from AMS CAD and products from Autodesk. With fixed monthly payments, your software can generate revenue while you pay for it, enabling your assets to work harder for you.

Combine Special Financing with Autodesk Promotions to save even more. Contact us for a quote today at 973-882-8008.

Why Finance?

  • The great rate
    For a limited time, AMS CAD and their partner, Key Equipment Finance, is offering an exceptionally low rate for financing your new business equipment – just 2.9%.1
  • A prudent approach
    Financing may offer the most sensible approach to acquiring new business equipment. For example, you can enjoy money-saving tax benefits2 that provide a hedge against inflation and volatile interest rates.
  • Capital conservation
    In addition to tax benefits, financing is a great way to conserve working capital – or to invest it for other uses.
  • 100% financing
    More good news: You can also apply the same low rate to 100% financing. For example, hardware, software, equipment, training, installation, shipping and other expenses can all be bundled into one low monthly payment.
  • Easy application
    Finance with us and you’ll discover some pleasant surprises, such as streamlined paperwork, quick processing and a hands-on support staff.
  • Stop obsolescence
    Concerned about your business equipment becoming outdated or limiting growth and expansion? With our Technology Refresh option, you can easily update your assets during your finance term.
  • Benefits beyond pricing
    If your business has special requirements, just let us know. We’ll work with you to develop a solution tailored to your needs.

124-month, 2.9% financing offer is available for $1.00 Buyout option and orders with a total cost of $25,000 or greater. 2Key encourages all clients to consult their tax, legal or financial advisor before entering into any equipment finance arrangement. All credit, loan and leasing products are subject to credit approval, terms, conditions and availability.