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Autodesk Helius PFA

Autodesk Helius  PFAAutodesk® Helius PFA software, part of the Autodesk® solution for Digital Prototyping, is an add-on for commercial finite element analysis (FEA) programs and is compatible with Abaqus, ANSYS®, and MSC Nastran. It is designed specifically to improve accuracy, efficiency, and convergence for the nonlinear simulation of advanced materials within traditional FEA. With it, you can conduct high-fidelity nonlinear progressive failure analyses of non-filled plastics, fiber-filled plastics, and continuous fiber unidirectional and woven composites. Simulating nonlinear behavior of plastic and composite structures earlier in the design process enables design validation prior to experimental testing, which helps to reduce time and cost.

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New Features

  • As-manufactured simulation using Moldflow
    Improve the simulation accuracy of injection molded parts by importing material data and fiber orientations through the Advanced Material Exchange. Transfer as-manufactured simulation data from Moldflow plastic injection molding simulation software to your structural model. Then, use this data to predict material nonlinearity due to plastic deformation and matrix cracking, and conduct a more accurate structural simulation early in the design cycle. Watch Video

  • Residual strains
    Use the Advanced Material Exchange to incorporate the effects of manufacturing into your structural simulation. Transfer residual strains from Autodesk Moldflow to include possible warpage from the injection molding process. Watch Video

  • Support for Moldflow materials
    Use Advanced Material Exchange with multiple Moldflow materials, including fiber-filled plastics and non-filled plastics. Incorporate the material properties from the Moldflow database and the results of the manufacturing process into your structural simulation by transferring Moldflow results to your structural FEA code. Watch Video

  • Element deletion
    Helius PFA works with Abaqus Standard and Explicit to remove elements from a simulation due to various failure modes. You can improve convergence, efficiency, and accuracy by running these realistic simulations. Watch Video


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