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Autodesk Inventor HSM

Autodesk Inventor HSMTake advantage of the best-in-class toolpath strategies for 2.5D, 3D and 3+2 milling applications. Inventor HSM software not only provides all the conventional machining strategies, but it also generates smooth linking moves that reduce machining time and increase machine and tool life.

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Inventor HSM Express

Inventor HSM

Inventor HSM Pro

  • 2.5-axis milling and drilling applications

  • Advanced simulation and verification tools

  • Requires Inventor or Inventor LT
  • 3-axis milling and 3+2 positioning

  • Traditional turning and advanced mill-turn

  • Includes Inventor
  • 5-axis and multiaxis operations

  • Swarf, multiaxis contour and flow, 3D toolpath tilting

  • Includes Inventor Professional
AnyCAD in Inventor
Reduce the need to maintain multiple CAD systems; eliminate manual file translation and updates.
Adaptive clearing
Advanced roughing strategy for efficient, high-volume material removal using constant tool engagement and optimized cutter paths.
CAD/CAM integration
Read, write, and convert GIS and CAD data between widely used formats. Access aerial and satellite imagery as well as web mapping services.

Stock and toolpath simulation
See stock being removed and automatically check for shaft and clamp/fixture collisions. Easily inspect generated toolpaths with the integrated backplot and inspection tool.

Inventor HSM Edit
Take advantage of several CNC code-specific functions, including line numbering/renumbering, XYZ range finder, and file compare.
Advanced analysis tools
Measure distances, or dynamically view all vital information about tools and details, including feed/speed and estimated machining time.
3-axis milling and 3+2 positioning
Automatically find the most efficient rotations to orient the part; use effective 3-axis milling strategies.
Traditional turning and advanced mill/turn
Improve your productivity with traditional turning operations, including roughing, grooving, and finishing.
5-axis and multiaxis operations
Use advanced features such as swarf, multiaxis contour, multiaxis flow, and 3D toolpath tilting.



  • Seamless Integration into Inventor
    Inventor HSM provides a truly integrated CAM solution for Inventor users, allowing them to quickly get up to speed and become productive within minutes by using familiar tools and workflows.

  • Proven CAM Technology
    Inventor HSM is built on the next generation multi-core 64-bit CAM engine with support for distributed toolpath calculations, ensuring maximum performance.

  • High Quality Finished Parts
    Inventor HSM helps users create toolpaths for the best possible surface finish with flexible toolpath options and settings.

  • Modern Architecture
    Inventor HSM utilizes the latest technologies including native 64-bit support for users of the 64-bit version of Inventor resulting in superior performance, especially when working on large or complex designs.

  • Distributed CAM
    Inventor HSM uses a Distributed CAM server that enables users to respond even faster to design changes, by automatically utilizing idle PCs on the local network to reduce toolpath calculation time. Distributed CAM is automatically used by Inventor HSM when installed on selected PCs and requires no additional setup or interaction from the user.

  • Best-in-class 3D toolpath strategies
    Inventor HSM toolpaths are optimized to reduce cycle time, improve surface quality and extend tool life.

  • Tool Library
    Tool information can be specified directly using the Inventor tool library or imported from 3rd party tool databases. Production documents, including a tool list, are automatically generated and can be exported in a number of different formats including HTML, XML, Excel and Word documents.

  • 3+2 Machining
    All 2D and 3D strategies support 3+2 machining (5-axis positioning) by rotating the part or the head of the machine tool through a combination of A, B, or C axis motions. Create 3+2 operations by simply selecting a work plane for the operation. Inventor HSM takes care of the rest by finding the most efficient rotations to orient the part. Once positioned, all machining strategies are available.


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