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AutoCAD Electrical

AutoCAD ElectricalAutodesk® AutoCAD® Electrical is AutoCAD® software for controls designers, purpose-built to create and modify electrical control systems. It contains all the functionality of AutoCAD, plus a comprehensive set of tools for automating control engineering tasks, such as building circuits, numbering wires, and creating bills of material. AutoCAD Electrical provides a library of more than 700,000 electrical symbols and components, includes real-time error checking, and enables electrical and mechanical teams to collaborate on digital prototypes built with Autodesk® Inventor® software. AutoCAD Electrical offers control engineers a competitive edge by helping save hours of effort, so they can spend more time innovating.

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New Features

  • Location View tab on Project Manager
    Gain flexibility in the way you view your project. The Location View allows you to view all the devices in the project by installation and location in a tree view. An expanded panel on the Location View lets you view and export individual device and connection information. Watch Video
  • Improved capabilities with wires
    Apply drawing and project property for sort order to wire sequences as well as tag and wire number order. This setting provides default wire sequencing for wire networks with multiple components. Watch Video
  • Interoperability with Autodesk Inventor
    Gain a seamless integration of the electrical design with the mechanical assembly allowing real time associativity, management, and cross-product updates, with electromechanical workflows between AutoCAD Electrical and Inventor. The two disciplines are kept synchronized allowing error-free integrated design, accurate routing, connectivity and cable/wire lengths through a common user interface between products. Watch Video
  • Location View tab enhancements
    Project Level Node in Location View Tab to view or export the entire project from the Details and Connections panels, link the AutoCAD Electrical component to the Inventor part with a click, and more. Watch Video
  • Microsoft SQL Server Support for catalog data
    Create an SQL Server instance, migrate the default Microsoft Access-based catalog and footprint databases; configure your SQL Server instance while installing AutoCAD Electrical 2017 or set up your SQL Server from the product, use Content Migration Utility for migration. Watch Video
  • Combined BOM report with Inventor
    If your project is linked to an Inventor assembly (electromechanical project), you can generate a combined bill of material (BOM) report. An option to include the Inventor parts is now available when you generate either a schematic or panel BOM report.
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