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Autodesk InfraWorks

Autodesk Infraworks 360Autodesk® InfraWorks® is the geospatial and engineering BIM platform that enables parametric model-­based planning and design of civil infrastructure in the context of the real-­world. With InfraWorks users can more easily evaluate and convey design intent within the context of a project’s surroundings;; data can be aggregated from various sources and design decisions made earlier in the project lifecycle;; then, the design model can be moved downstream to AutoCAD Civil 3D for detailed design and construction documentation with minimal loss of critical information – improving decision making, project stakeholder buy-­in, and saving both time and money.

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Create a Model in Minutes

See how easy it is to create models with data collected from multiple sources and file formats, using Model Builder for InfraWorks.

Step 1: With InfraWorks open, choose the Model Builder tool.
Step 2: Create the existing environment using vector data, raster data, and data from other global sources.
Step 3: Name the model you are creating.
Step 4: In minutes, you’ll receive an email notification giving you access to the model.
Step 5: Open the model and begin designing in the as-built environment.

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  • Model network storage
    Share models on a shared network drive, creating a local tile cache.
  • Screencast recorder
    Presentation technique for demonstrations, help and training.
  • View project in context
    View projects in context of existing conditions.
  • Automated data import and model creation
    Build models from data-rich global content sources.
  • Point cloud enhancements
    Import and manage point clouds more easily in InfraWorks.
  • Migrate roads and pipe networks to Civil 3D
    Import preliminary designs into Civil 3D.
  • Import detailed Civil 3D objects into InfraWorks
    Support for complex horizontal and vertical geometry. Save and reuse object setting configurations.

Advanced Capabilities

InfraWorks 360 software includes roadway design capabilities to help highway engineering professionals create data-rich models and engineer roadways in context. Streamline roadway geometry layout, including intersection design, with powerful, rules-based toolsets and analysis capabilities to help uncover potential impacts in the preliminary design phase.


  • Dedicated Tools for Roads and Highways
  • Rules-Driven Intersection Design
  • Standards-Driven and Dynamic Road Markings
  • Rules-Driven On/Off Ramps
  • Sight Distance Analysis
  • Data Exchange with AutoCAD Civil 3D
  • Data Exchange from AutoCAD Civil 3D

Explore preliminary design options more effectively by creating data-rich models and visualizing realistic civil structures in the context of the surrounding proposed site. Bridge Design for InfraWorks® 360 software helps simplify, accelerate, and focus the layout of girder bridge design concepts, and maintain consistent data and context.


  • Comprehensive Catalog of Precast Girders
  • Evaluate Design Options Faster
  • Data Exchange with AutoCAD Civil 3D
  • Data Exchange from AutoCAD Civil 3D

InfraWorks 360 software includes drainage design capabilities to help civil engineers accelerate roadway drainage design and analysis. Take advantage of the robust, data-rich model created in InfraWorks 360, built-in design standards, and cloud computing to automate processes, improve design accuracy, and better understand drainage impacts of road design in less time.


  • Watershed Analysis Cloud Services
  • Standards-Driven Culvert Design
  • Automated Drainage Layout
  • Drainage Catalog and Quantities
  • Inlet and Pipe Design
  • Outfalls Design
  • Culvert Reporting
  • Data Exchange with AutoCAD Civil 3D
  • Data Exchange from AutoCAD Civil 3D

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