AEC Solutions

The AEC Solutions team at AMS CAD + CAFM Solutions are industry experts with decades of real-world design experience that lets us show clients the most efficient way of implementing their current technologies and integrating new ones into their workflow. Autodesk software solutions like Autodesk Vault, Autodesk Infraworks, and Autodesk Revit tools for BIM are vital tools for a modern AEC firm. Implementing them successfully requires the aid of a partner like AMS CAD + CAFM Solutions, with a proven track record of developing those systems for large design firms, with many disciplines, across multiple offices and hundreds of users.

Our AEC Solutions group is focused on the operational support needs of our clients, helping increase their productivity and profitability through the use of Autodesk software solutions. AMS CAD + CAFM Solutions establishes enduring partner relationships with our clients, far beyond software sales and implementation. The AEC Solutions team works with every aspect of our client’s design process, from developing their technology infrastructure, all the way through finished project delivery. AMS AEC Solutions Division helps our partners implement systems and procedures they don’t have the time, or capability, to develop on their own.

James Coppinger, Director of AEC Solutions, brings 25 years of CAD experience in both the civil and architectural disciplines, including working the last twelve years as CAD/Training Manager for one of the largest civil engineering firms on the east coast. His extensive background in managing CAD and Document Management operations for large design firms gives James a unique perspective that is invaluable to AMS clients.

AEC Solutions can help you with:

  • Infrastructure – From initial survey, through land planning, BIM integration, and highway design, AMS provides our partners with the design tools and support they need to streamline their workflow and increase profits. Don’t lose projects to competitors because technology outpaces you. Let our AEC Solutions team help you become a civil technology leader.
  • Architecture – AMS can help you achieve your design and production potential at all stages of the building design process. Our experienced AEC Solutions team can show you the latest products and services in the industry and how best to use them within your existing, proven work environments.
  • Design Efficiency Analysis – Having the most powerful Autodesk software is useless if your staff can’t make best use of the tools it provides. Time to review and optimize your work process is extremely limited in a fast-paced design environment. AMS can review each stage of your workflow and show you simple ways to increase productivity and profits.
  • Document Management – Controlling location, naming, versioning, centralizing backup and administration of your files, particularly design drawings, is vital in the modern AEC industry. When loss or inadvertent change of a single file can cost millions of dollars, managing your document workflow may be the single most important, yet often overlooked, need of every AEC firm working today. Our AEC Solutions group has decades of experience implementing Engineering Document Management Systems (EDMS).