Importance of Data Management

What if you could have a single source for your engineering documentation?

Managing data is a non-value added task for engineers – for every minute you are trying to find a file, shuffling files around, or correcting data that was overwritten or lost, you aren’t doing what you’re paid to actually do – and that’s to design. But, by not managing project data, you’re opening up your company to revenue loss. The solution – probably something you already own and don’t even know – Autodesk Vault.

Autodesk Vault, a data management solution, delivers a workflow-driven environment that helps automate, standardize, and track project processes. You can manage user access and improve accessibility of project content with small and large teams, and supports collaboration across multiple locations — giving you a single source of truth for your engineering documentation.

Take a look at what you can accomplish with proper data management.

Data Management for Architecture, Engineering and Construction Resources

Data Management for Manufacturers Resources

Autodesk Vault Implementation Services