Green2FMWelcome to the GREEN2FM Website. We have put this site together to provide a go-to location for information related to the use of FM:Systems new Sustainability module. The site will help provide information about transferring data to/from the model, examples of the module’s use, and keep FM:Systems users informed about best practices for implementation.


FM:Interact Sustainability
Go Green and Stay in the Black

Want to make a positive impact on your organization’s carbon footprint AND on its bottom line?  FM:Interact can help.

Every organization is looking for ways to be more environmentally friendly.  But can you go green without getting in the red?

You can with FM:Interact.  The FM:Interact Sustainability Module helps you plan and manage all your sustainability initiatives and certifications, for both new construction and existing buildings.


  FM:Interact Sustainability Module Capabilities:

  • Establish Sustainability Strategy
  • Manage Building Performance
    • Ability to track environmental impacts and costs
      • Electricity
      • Water
      • Emissions (greenhouse gas)
      • Trash
      • Recycling
      • Etc.
  • Manage Building Evaluations
    • Ability to assess existing buildings / building systems
      • Identify gaps/opportunities for improvement
    • Use rating systems as assessment framework
      • LEED
      • Green Globes
      • BREEAM
    • Gather information from buildings across the portfolio
  • Plan & Forecast Projects
    • Forecast environmental impact
    • Forecast financial cost and benefit
      • e.g. A relamping project would reduce energy usage for lighting by 50%, resulting in a NPV of $54,000. Initial project costs would be $150,000. Payback period would be 15 months with a 5 year ROI of 56%.
  • Communicate Sustainability Efforts to Occupants
    • Ability to collect and submit building data for certification
      • LEED
      • Green Globes
      • Others

      Ability to publish and share best practices

    • Communicate FM and RE groups contribution to sustainability goals
    • Encourage occupant participation in sustainability projects


  Key Features:

  • Analyze building performance (energy, water, emissions, recycling, waste, etc.)
  • Analyze sustainability financials (NPV, IRR, ROI, payback period, etc.)
  • Manage building certifications (LEED, Green Globes, etc.)
  • Communicate results enterprise-wide with sustainability dashboards


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