CAFM Services

Let AMS CAFM Solutions help you achieve your FM potential with a full range of services that are targeted to your organization’s specific automation goals. We can help you implement your automation software quickly and accurately, jumpstart your facilities automation, deliver sophisticated reporting – and significantly improve facilities processes.

Software Customization

Many of our clients have specific facility management needs that at times cannot be met by out-of-the-box tools. AMS works with our clients to develop targeted software customization, always focusing on cost-effectiveness, maintenance and ongoing value.


Move Management Configuration

CAFM - Move Management ConfigurationAMS helps its clients navigate the complex processes of move management and streamline the move process. Proper move management configuration is fundamental to the success of your CAFM implementation and AMS staff provide expert assistance in move form and report customization, process mapping and context sensitive help.


Facility Maintenance Configuration

Work order management is a critical component of running your facilities and its processes must be carefully molded to your organization’s requirements. AMS helps clients with complex customization such as detailed process mapping and automatic issuance of work orders from move projects.


Financial Allocations

CAFM - Financial AllocationsFinancial reporting is a key responsibility of the facility management group. AMS offers extensive experience and technical prowess in developing customized financial allocations using your existing CAFM software. Whether complex organizational hierarchy or global roll-up reporting, AMS will apply years of practical experience to this critical FM function.


Data Exchange

The success of your CAFM system is dependent upon the seamless exchange of critical data throughout the organization. AMS provides targeted consulting to link CAFM modules with SAP, PeopleSoft and other HR and financial systems, successfully synchronizing your CAFM data with multiple enterprise systems.


CAFM System Evaluation

Maximize your CAFM potential with our new evaluation services. AMS can review your existing CAFM system as configured and provide a detailed findings report. The report outlines the Effectiveness, Potential, and Value of several key areas of the CAFM system and offers actionable recommendations and solutions to get maximum results and benefits from your software.


Advanced Reporting

CAFM - Advanced ReportingAMS staff apply their in-depth knowledge of CAFM software and Crystal Reports to create highly effective, time-saving reporting functionality. AMS provides Crystal Reports consulting and training that will guarantee optimum reporting from your CAFM system.


Field Verification and CAD input

CAFM - Field VerificationAMS can assist in tackling the time-consuming field verification process using the latest technology for efficiency and accuracy, such as tablet PCs and automated asset tagging and processing. AMS provides complete CAD input, polylining, automated room and grid numbering and drawing cleanup services.


Asset Bar-Coding

CAFM - Asset Bar-CodingManage your assets effectively with our asset bar-coding services using new PocketPC based bar-coding software developed internally to make the gathering and editing of FM asset information a seamless transition. The PocketPC hardware with bar-code reader together with our AMS QuickScan software, makes quick work of processing asset information.


CAFM Document Management

AMS has over ten years of experience implementing document management solutions for Engineering departments. Now the power of revision control, workflow, and quick search & retrieval of secure documents is available to the CAFM community. AMS can help you better manage your floor plans, design concepts, and vendor as-built drawings with your CAFM software. Using AutoManager Teamwork from Cyco software, AMS can deliver a cost-effective solution to get your drawings secure and under control!


Standards Documentation

CAFM - Standards DocumentationEstablishment of CAD and CAFM standards improve accuracy, efficiency and productivity. AMS provides documentation of system architecture and system administration to ease software upgrades and staff turnover.



Achieve top performance for your staff and take full advantage of your CAFM system with expert training for CAD, CAFM, advanced reporting and Crystal Reports. AMS targeted training will make the difference between just getting by and achieving top performance for your facility management automation.