BIM2FMWelcome to the BIM2FM Website. We have put this site together to provide knowledge and resources in order to educate and empower those that peruse these pages.

The main purpose of this site is to promote what we believe to be the next frontier of BIM: functionality that serves the building owner and facility manager. BIM has become fairly entrenched in the architectural community, is quickly growing in momentum for engineers and contractors, and is now poised to be of great value to the building owner and facility manager.


FM:Interact and BIM
Lifecycle Management of Building Data

Every building has a complex lifecycle with a wide range of people managing information.  How much of your building information is lost from initial design and construction or during major renovations?

The Revit Integration Component of FM:Interact leverages BIM data to improve communication and collaboration as your building evolves, keeping architects, engineers, contractors and facility managers moving in the same direction.


  Key Features

  • Use BIM data from design, construction and renovation in facility management and operations
  • Link rooms in space management to areas in the Revit model
  • Integrate building systems and asset data used in facility maintenance with families in the Revit model
  • Annotate Revit models with data from the FM:Interact system


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