We often come across cases where Inventor Projects were thought as individual projects, however this is far from the truth. In reality there should only be one Project file that governs all of Inventor files. Why is this the case? Before I can answer that, lets dive into the how the Inventor Project File actually works. The Inventor Project


Last chance to register for this event! With the progression of 3D Printing as an increasingly accessible technology, it is easier than ever for engineers to convert digital CAD files into tangible physical structures. Join Cimquest & AMS CAD + CAFM Solutions at the Cimquest Branchburg, NJ headquarters for the first in our CAD Partner

It’s been about 6 months since the release of Windows 10. Windows 10 offers some great changes and upgrades, but with the recent upgrade it has brought some unanticipated issues with Autodesk products. The issue lies with the inherent reliance of .NET 4.6 of Windows 10. Although, many Autodesk products are functional within .NET 4.6

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File recovery can be a very costly endeavor, especially when there’s no back up plan. Often times than not, this is the case. With no back up plan, Engineering firms often rebuild the lost file from the ground up, ultimately costing time and money. The impact of this mistake may result in opening Pandora’s box: lost

Autodesk Subscription Center Login

No doubt, you want to begin using your Autodesk product immediately! With Autodesk Subscription customers have access to downloading their latest Autodesk products today! Once you receive an email from Autodesk stating your downloads are ready; all you need to do is to log onto the Autodesk Subscription Center.  ( Your Autodesk User ID can be

Subscription Center offers multiple options for accessing your licensed software: Install Now Download Now Browser Download Although the browser download method does not require any intermediary software and may be more familiar to many, it’s slower, less efficient and less reliable than the other methods. The install files are usually large and if they are


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We do a lot of Autodesk Vault implementations at AMS and when we do, a common question that comes up is: “What’s the difference between a Lifecycle and a Revision?” Well, simply put: a Lifecycle is a change in a file’s status, while a Revision is a record copy of the file’s current state. Simple, right? Well, ok, maybe not so