We often come across cases where Inventor Projects were thought as individual projects, however this is far from the truth. In reality there should only be one Project file that governs all of Inventor files. Why is this the case? Before I can answer that, lets dive into the how the Inventor Project File actually works. The Inventor Project

Using model dimensions in your drawing environment is one of my favorite tricks to speed up your work. It’s easy, intuitive and when utilized properly the benefits in supplies are incredible Over time, your models and drawings go through  dozens of revisions. The classic thought is to take notes of the markups in your drawing, edit

Converting old 2D CAD drawings to new 3D CAD models has always been a hot topic in the CAD World, and it’s a challenge that most companies face. AutoCAD and Inventor have made much progress in helping users with processes like direct block copy, DWG underlay, PDF import, and many more. Yet, the 2D to

Inventor Vlog: Adaptive Modeling

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If a picture is worth thousand words than a video is worth thousand pictures. So, why not render a video to show how your product works in motion? There are two ways of displaying motion; first is through using motion sets within your constraints in assembly. This is for the designers to check for interference/interaction

Feature Conditional Suppression

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Understanding Parent-Child Relationship is, again, the most fundamental basis on modeling/assembling within Autodesk Inventor. Manipulating that relationship is also the foundation of advanced modeling; especially with equations and parameters. Also, so far most of your modeling probably has been based on “additive” modeling (adding more features to the model). What if we were to take

Do you spend a lot of time making parametric parts? Spend hours working with iParts and iLogic? I suggest you spend some time learning to use User Defined Properties as well! User Defined Parameters (UDP) are simple to create, just give them a name, value, assign a unit, and you have a UDP that can

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After recently teaching a few classes and demonstrating some models to clients, I decided to compile a short list of frequently asked questions that I received.   What is the best method of defining a hole feature? The best way is the method that makes sense to you. In my experience the most adaptive method

Did you know that you can pitch an idea for the next release of Autodesk products online for improved functionality? Within the Autodesk forums there is a discussion area for new ideas or for improvements in functionality. many of them get included within the next release of the Autodesk products; here are a few of