Autodesk discovered a mistake with the AutoCAD 2018.0.1/AutoCAD LT 2018.0.1 release that will cause the software to expire and no longer start on June 1, 2017. The issue was quickly resolved by releasing the AutoCAD 2018.0.2/AutoCAD LT 2018.0.2 update. As this update fixes a defect that would cause the product to not start, it is

We often come across cases where Inventor Projects were thought as individual projects, however this is far from the truth. In reality there should only be one Project file that governs all of Inventor files. Why is this the case? Before I can answer that, lets dive into the how the Inventor Project File actually works. The Inventor Project

Using model dimensions in your drawing environment is one of my favorite tricks to speed up your work. It’s easy, intuitive and when utilized properly the benefits in supplies are incredible Over time, your models and drawings go through  dozens of revisions. The classic thought is to take notes of the markups in your drawing, edit

Collaborating with Revit

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Whenever you need to collaborate with multiple stake holders, whether internal or external, a centralized Revit model is required. This ensures all updates and changes are synchronized through the appropriate channels. Autodesk offers two main methods of collaboration using your Revit Central Model. First is the ability to host the Central Model on your own

You’ve just purchased, installed and finally opened Autodesk Revit for the first time. It’s just like having a brand-new car, you start exploring all the gadgets and gizmos of Revit. Then comes the realization: your multi-million dollar Architectural project was already started using 2D AutoCAD to create all the walls, doors, and windows. Now, what

Fusion 360: It’s da BOM!

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Fusion 360 is taking on a bigger presence in the design environment with its comprehensive functionality as a CAD program. Fusion 360 has digital prototyping capability that lets you model, test, and even 3D print an assembly straight from The program. What do you do when you want to use Fusion 360 to build your

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Converting old 2D CAD drawings to new 3D CAD models has always been a hot topic in the CAD World, and it’s a challenge that most companies face. AutoCAD and Inventor have made much progress in helping users with processes like direct block copy, DWG underlay, PDF import, and many more. Yet, the 2D to

Inventor Vlog: Adaptive Modeling

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Reusing your Navisworks selections

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In the last blog post, I posted a blog on how you can efficiently select items using the “Select Similar”  function, this week’s blog we’ll focus on Reusing your selections. Most of us working with Navisworks on daily basis know how tedious it is to select objects in a scene. You may utilize several different

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Navisworks – Advanced Selections

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When working inside of Navisworks we often need to assign materials to objects inside the model. There is nothing more painful than to select all the objects one by one and assign material overrides. This is especially true when multiple objects need to be assigned to one single material. So why not use some of