Help, our Inventor Projects are a mess!

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We often come across cases where Inventor Projects were thought as individual projects, however this is far from the truth. In reality there should only be one Project file that governs all of Inventor files. Why is this the case? Before I can answer that, lets dive into the how the Inventor Project File actually works.

The Inventor Project file maintains relationships between all files with in it’s assigned workspace folder, content center files and any other libraries. As an Option there’s the ability to add additional folders outside of these areas, but for now let us stay focused on the topic. Whenever Inventor opens a assembly it uses the project file to ‘rebuild’ the latest and greatest assembly based upon the referenced files. The project file simply points Inventor to the three main areas mentioned earlier, where it will conduct a full scale search for the named reference file.

One of the most important factors of maintaining this environment, is establishing a naming scheme that eliminates any possibility of file name duplication. With in the project file settings you can toggle on the enforcement of unique file naming to assist with this, however it’s not fool proof. For example one may copy and paste the file, by passing the project file settings. This is where Autodesk Vault come in the picture, enforcing the unique naming scheme with Vault’s automatic file naming function configured to meet your naming scheme convention.

Give us a call if you are fighting to maintain a stable Inventor workspace, we’ll be happy to assist you with options!

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